About us

We are a small foundry and type design studio based in Barcelona and Buenos Aires run by two designers experienced in many different fields surrounding type design, typography, lettering, visual communication, branding, and teaching.

For information and quotes please contact us at hello@letterjuice.cat

We specialise in letters in a broad sense, from type design to lettering, from Latin to Arabic, passing through other scripts such as Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Thai. We are surrounded by a network of bright collaborators and consultants in order to ensure the best possible quality. Our work has been recognised internationally in several type competitions such us TDC, ED-Awards, Morisawa, Granshan, Modern Cyrillic and Horouf.

Our type library is a manifestation of our personal curiosity and our experimentation ground. We enjoy having room to explore our creativity within the boundaries of functionality, we hope you like what you see!

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