Look, I’ve designed a typeface!

Letterjuice taught a basic course in Typeface Design at Sant Cugat School
of Art and Design.

It was comprehensive course, which aimed to introduce Graphic Design and Illustration students to the basics of design Latin alphabets. During this course students have been asked to deal with different objectives from the most essential parts of the job – defining the brief – to the most complex tasks, such as drawing
letter shapes accurately, train the eye to find mistakes, spacing letters properly, etc…

Students were free to create their own briefings, choosing the context in which the typeface should be used. Some of them used the course as an excuse to design custom typefaces for their final projects. It resulted in a broad diversity of styles for different purposes.

Here you can see some of the projects at different stages of the process of design :

Students sketching and shaping their initial ideas.
Learning to draw and space using digital tools.
Teachers being mean and filling printed test samples with corrections.
Final results after approximately three months of work.