Character set

Our character sets are thought to cover a big range of languages; here you can check if what you need is there. In case you have specific language support requirements, and want to discuss a custom made character set, please contact us at

The sets shown here are our standards, that means they are the minimum you will get when purchasing any of our typefaces. However, we add specific design related glyphs to different typefaces, in some cases you will get some extra ligatures, ornaments, etc. You can see the exact glyph set of all our type families in the pdf specimen you can download in each the typeface overview section.

Please note that in the case of web and app licenses our character set can be a slightly reduced version of what you see here, however they have the same linguistic support.


Font format

All our print typefaces are delivered in Open Type format. This means our typefaces are cross-platform (will work on Mac and PC), support Unicode, contain typographic features, and support extended character sets.

Web fonts

We supply self hosting web fonts, delivered in .ttf, .eot, .woff and .woff2 formats. This means our web fonts cover all current platforms. formats. 

App and E-book fonts

Our App and E-book fonts are delivered in .ttf, .otf, woff and woff2 formats. If you require any other format please contact us at and we will discuss your needs.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

By purchasing and installing Letterjuice’s font software, you agree on all the terms specified within this End User License Agreement.

You can read more about it in our EULA.